Cultural Heritage Committee

Ione Band of Miwok Indians : Cultural Heritage Committee

The Cultural Heritage Committee is formed of Ione Band of Miwok Tribal Indians Tribal Members. The current Cultural Heritage Committee is Crystal Blue, Anthony Burris, Tish Jamerson, Andrew Ramey, and Randy Yonemura.

The mission of the Cultural Heritage Committee is to revive, restore, protect, monitor,preserve, enhance and promote the traditional cultural and values of Tribes of the the Miwok indigenous territories. The work of the Heritage Cultural Committee will reflect the dignity, respect and integrity of Indian cultural values of the Ione Miwok Tribe.

Where Cultural Heritage Committee is Involved:

- Native American Repatriation
- NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection & Repatriaiton Act)
- Land/Satellite Mapping (GIS)
- Historical Speaking Engagements
- Chaw ‘ Se Big Time
- Amador State Fair (cultural demonstrations)
- Basket Weaving
- California Indian Liason Committee “Native American Indian Days” at the California State Capitol
- Language Preservation Projects
- Establishing a Native American Library (books, videos, dvds, and language)

The deep culture that the Ione Band of Miwoks is shared not only through cultural education and awareness of its tribe to the people but also serves as an awareness body to Federal , State, and Local municipalities where development occurs or federally regulated plans may impact the tribe and its surrounding community.

A Creation Myth told by elders of the Tribe says that our ancestors were actually created on top of Buena Vista Peaks, just south of the town of Ione, during the time when the Sacramento Valley was flooded.