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Job Announcement

Interested Parties:

This is to announce the opening of the position of Bookkeeper at Inter-Tribal Council’s Central office in Sacramento.

If you are interested, please submit your Resume along with a completed job application (attached) either by email or mail to address on this email.

Please pass this notice along to any interested parties.

This announcement will be open until November 1, 2013. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Thank You

Larry Barther
Administrative Assistant
Inter-Tribal Council of CA, Inc.
3425 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 973-9581
(916) 973-0117 Fax
[email protected]


SUPERVISOR: Chief Financial Officer
STATUS: Part-time/Non-Exempt
LOCATION: Central Office, Sacramento

Position Summary:
Under the general direction of the Executive Director and the direct supervision of the Chief Financial Officer, the Bookkeeper is responsible for verification, coding and posting of all routine agency financial transactions to the general ledger. The Bookkeeper must be familiar with standard accounting concepts and principles, payroll preparation and accounts payable practices. Additionally, the Bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that expenditures are appropriately charged to grant funds.


1. Receives, collects and balances accounting data, verifies completeness and checks for accuracy. Brings discrepancies to the attention of the Chief Financial Officer.
2. Allocates, codes and posts transactions from check requests, credit cards, invoices, receipts, check stubs, etc. into the general ledger and journal records of accounts.
3. Prepares employee reimbursements in accordance with IRS guidelines.
4. Makes timely payments to vendors by check, telephone, internet, etc. and records on the books.
5. Reconciles vendor statements to vendor records per books.
6. Collects employee time cards, verifies and calculates bi-weekly payroll and coordinates payroll with the agency’s payroll service.
7. Prepares billings for time and expense reimbursements from third parties.
8. Records cash, bank deposits, wire transfers, account transfers and makes agency bank deposits.
9. Prepares and posts routine, recurring journal entries.
10. Reconciles general ledger accounts to subsidiary ledgers.
11. Participates in annual audits by securing, reviewing and preparing files, journals and invoices as requested by the Chief Financial Officer and Program Coordinator.
12. Verifies information processed follows ITCC policies and procedures, is properly approved and supported by all necessary documentation.
13. Assists in research necessary for budgets, as requested by agency managers.
14. Maintains file of W-9’s and prepares 1099’s annually.
15. Maintains employee, payroll and paid invoice files, as well as any other needed files of agency financial transactions.
16. Is the primary contact for agency vendor inquiries regarding payment.
17. Meets the attendance guidelines of the job.
18. Adheres to ITCC policies, procedures and internal controls related to personnel and payroll.
19. Attends all required meetings and trainings.
20. Maintains complete confidentiality at all times.
21. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Requires AA/AS degree in Accounting/Finance, Bookkeeping or equivalent experience.
2. Possess excellent organizational skills and strong attention to details.
3. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.
4. Knowledge of computerized accounting is required. Experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP is desirable.
5. Working knowledge of General Ledger required.
6. Strong computer skills with spreadsheets, Excel and word processing applications required.
7. Must have general office experience, data entry, internet research and communication skills.
8. 10 key by touch and typing skills are required.
9. Ability to work with sensitive and confidential data is essential.
10. Must have strong follow-up and time management skills.
11. Must be able to get along with co-workers and work as a team.
12. Must be able to manage multiple priorities simultaneously and meet deadlines.
13. Must be able to work independently.
14. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
15. Must present a well-groomed appearance.
16. Must be bondable.


1. Must be able to sit for extended periods of time;
2. Must be able to carry the weight needed to perform the duties of the job.
3. Must have the manual dexterity to operate the computer and other necessary office equipment.
4. Must be self-motivated and able to handle more than one function at a time by being well organized.
5. Must be able to read, interpret and understand laws, governmental regulations, procedures and other governmental communications and documents.
6. Must have both oral and written communication skills to effectively communicate with co-workers, supervisors, consultants, vendors and state/governmental agencies.

Preference in hiring is given to qualified Native Americans in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). Applicants claiming Indian Preference must submit verification of Indian certification by tribe of affiliation or other acceptable documentation of Indian heritage.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: Within the scope of Indian Preference, all candidates will receive equal consideration without regard to race, color, gender, national origin or other non-merit factors.
Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA): ITCC abides by the mandates of the ADEA (protecting individuals 40 years and older) and considers age a non-merit factor in all employment decisions and considerations.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): ITCC abides by the mandates of the ADA and considers disability a non-merit factor in all employment decisions and considerations. Furthermore, ITCC will make any practical, feasible, and reasonable arrangements to accommodate qualified applicants and employees with disabilities.

Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc., reserves the right to make changes to this job description.

The California Indian Conference and Gathering Youth Track

The California Indian Conference and Gathering is an annual event for the exchange of views and information among academics, educators, California Indians, students, tribal nations, native organizations and community members focusing on California Indians.

A wide variety of topic are presented including: sovereignty, leadership, dance, storytelling, native languages, histories, law, political and social issues, federal recognition, families and children, education, economic development, arts, traditions and numerous others.

We live in the homelands of California Indigenous peoples and their nations. It is of vital importance for Indians and non-Indians to be aware of current issues, as well as the histories and cultures of our first peoples of this state.

The California Indian Conference and Gathering this year at Sacramento State, on October 3-5. Would like to extend an invitation to your high school students to attend the conference on Saturday, October 5. We would like to provide them with a tour of the campus, meeting with an EOP counselor, a Native graduate panel, and selected sessions that would pertain to Native youth. We hope that you take this opportunity to come join us at the event.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get an accurate amount of students who will be attending, we are requesting that you RSVP by September 1. We will be sending you further information regarding rooms and correct times. I look forward to receiving your emails and your attendance at the conference. Thank you!


Deserea Langley
California Indian Conference Youth Track Coordinator

Elyse Taylor
California Indian Conference Youth Track Coordinator Assistant

California Indian Conference and Gathering

California Indian Conference Youth Track agenda